Earned Revenue Projects: On Long Island

  • The Long Island Association for Adult and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities (ACLD) operates a gift basket business.
  • Habitat for Humanity operates ReStore, a business selling new and slightly-used building materials at greatly reduced prices.
  • Independent Group Homes for Living (IGHL) operates The Flower Barn, a retail store selling plants and flowers.
  • Green Long Island, Inc. provides community energy efficiency services paid for through government contracts as well as revenue participation in projects delivered to partnering contractors.
  • Community Mainstream Associates (CMA) established Community Mainstream Enterprises operates The Sweet Comfort Bakery & Café employing the agency’s clients.
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Long Island (BB/BSLI) operates a used clothing business that covers almost 50% of its program budget.
  • Family Residences & Essential Enterprises (FREE) operates Human Services Management Solutions, providing back office services and transportation services.
  • Goodwill Industries operates a business that provides temporary staffing services.
  • Guzu is a firm that recyles electronics to keep toxic materials out of groundwater and landfills. The company plants trees in a partnership with American Forests for every completed order from an individual or company
  • FEGS Health and Human Services System has 13 subsidiary and affiliate corporations including AllSector Technology Group, a total IT systems integration consulting company.
  • Elara, a for-profit food service disposable company, donates a meal to a hungry person at Island Harvest each time a case of its product is purchased.
  • The Association for Help to Retarded Children, Suffolk operates a business selling trees, plants, baskets, and shrubs.
  • SUNY/Farmingdale’s Alumni Association operates a business selling Professor Becker’s BBQ Sauce.
  • Tweezerman, a for-profit business sells beauty products with triple-bottom line policies.
  • The Association for Help to Retarded Children, Nassau operates Nassau Ink/Toner Recycling businesses.
  • Long Island HomeGrown produces local food for the public.
  • Soupervan provides affordable, healthy food through worksite vans and catering.

Earned Revenue Projects: Off Long Island

  • Housing Works Thrift Shops, a division of Housing Works, Inc., sells first- and secondhand designer clothing, house ware, art, antiques, books, and records. All items are donated by the public with all proceeds directed to providing housing and support services to homeless and formerly homeless people living with AIDS.
  • The Works, the catering division of Housing Works Food Services, provides meals for three Adult Day Health Care Programs. The Works uses excess capacity to produce catered fare, from continental breakfast buffets to seated dinners. The Works also hosts events at the Housing Works Used Book Café.
  • Springboard NYC, a program of Musical Theater Works, is a two-week intensive summer program designed to give aspiring young actors, singers, technicians, and designers a strong foothold in the theater industry.
  • Per Scolas Computer Recycling, a program of Per Scolas, an environmentally responsible nonprofit organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, operates a recycling center with the capacity to process dead monitors, CPUs and printers, converting end-of-life computer equipment into reusable raw materials in an environmentally responsible manner and away from landfills.
  • New Horizon Courier Service, a project of Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, provides reliable same-day deliveries throughout Manhattan and parts of other boroughs at a competitive rate. The business employs 20 people, all of whom are homeless or formerly homeless.
  • Project Venture Catering, a program of Project Reach Youth, Inc., is a small gourmet catering business that gives youth participants intensive culinary arts and career readiness training from a professional chef and youth development staff. The experience provides them with both culinary skills and knowledge of social entrepreneurship.
  • Shout Out Productions/Youth Enterprise Services, a program of the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services, encourages youth entrepreneurship through youth management of Shout Out Productions, a greeting card and T-shirt company. Youth are involved in the design, marketing, and sales of the products.
  • Recycle-A-Bicyle East Village Shop, is a project of Recyle-A-Bicyle, Inc., provides affordable and environmentally sustainable transportation. These shops collect and refurbish donated bicycles for resale, repair bicycles at reasonable prices, and rent bicycles to tourists. The business trains youth for positions as bicycle mechanics and salespeople, while familiarizing them with basic business concepts.
  • Community Childcare Assurance (CCA), a program of Seedco, represents a unique approach to providing quality, affordable back-up childcare to working families when their primary childcare arrangements are disrupted. The program helps families cope with regular childcare interruptions without incurring unscheduled absences from work. A Seedco social purpose business, CCA draws on the strengths of community-based organizations and builds the long-term sustainability of childcare providers.
  • Imprint Cartridge Works (Imprint) is a social purpose business venture of Work 101 Development Corporation, which helps economically disadvantaged New Yorkers move into the workforce by providing transitional employment in a supportive setting. Imprint remanufactures laser printer toner cartridges and distributes them to businesses and consumers in the New York City area.